This Photo of a Little Girl Enjoying Her First “Snow” Will Melt Your Heart

Thanks to a snow machine.

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Vasha Hunt / AL.COM / Landov

Jesee Barton and her nine-month-old Lexie Scott on Dec. 03, 2013, in downtown Northport, Ala.

Here’s the happiest baby you’ll see all day: Jesee Barton watches her 9-month-old daughter Lexie Scott go gaga over “snow” at the 24th annual Dickens Downtown holiday celebration in Northport, Alabama. The snow was fake, given the temperatures were in the 60s last night, but we don’t have to tell the youngster about the snow machine until she’s older!


fake snow… really? Bundle her up and take her up to the snow-bound below-freezing north to experience the bone chilling delight that is real snow. It is surprising cold and wet.