A Foundation Gave Cancer Patients Atrocious Makeovers … On Purpose

From beehives to mullets.

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When a foundation invited 20 cancer patients to a photography studio for a surprise hair and makeup session, the subjects probably thought that they were going to be given an elegant new look to distract them from their illness, if only for a minute.

But the Mimi Foundation had something very different in store. And it involved mullets, beehive hairdos, and really tacky lipstick.

“You immediately stop being carefree when you learn that you’re ill,” said one cancer patient. “And believe me, I was really carefree… I wish I could still do that.”

So the Mimi Foundation made her look like a train wreck to help cheer her up. Participants had to keep their eyes closed throughout the process and then open them in front of a one way mirror. Cameras captured their beautiful, albeit shocked, responses.

Here is a selection of images from the book:


... but you need to listen to the people that agreed to take part ... and what it did for them ... it was positive .... it was about looking outside of the illness and allowing things to happen ... not about whether they ended up looking like Kate Moss  - it was a positive experience for them ... and a beautiful encounter to watch (that is what I think anyway)