This Acoustic Medley of the Year’s Biggest Pop Hits Is Actually Really Good

If you're anything like us, you hate everything. But you won't hate this!

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If you only have room in your heart for one more piece of year-end nostalgia, make it this video. It’s an all-acoustic medley of the year’s most popular songs sung by a beautiful angel-voiced man-child (real name: Sam Tsui) accompanied by a stylish sidekick (real name: Kurt Hugo Schneider) who rocks a 90s’-era necklace and jams on a ukelele. Seriously, what could go wrong? Nothing could go wrong.


Sam & Kurt undoubtedly are the best in this field. They are so talented, respectful, humble and to excel to perfection in all their work. Have earned the respect and loyalty of all their fans globally Salute!