Here Is An Extremely Important Video of Tiny Penguins Dressed Up Like Santa

Other festive Christmas outfits are also featured

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At an amusement park in South Korea this week, a whole bunch of penguins waddled around in Santa suits and other very festive Christmas attire. The crowds were delighted, obviously, because there were PENGUINS DRESSED UP LIKE SANTA. If that doesn’t delight you, there is virtually nothing in the world that could ever delight you.

The birds will continue their festive parade every day as part of the zoo’s countdown to Christmas.


Idiots! Idiots everywhere!
What if someone sent you to the north pole wearing a stupid suit, Samantha Grossman? Would still find it amusing? Animals that were meant to live in extreme weather conditions are wearing "Santa suits and other very festive Christmas attire" in an amusement park in South Korea.
Humans need to stop using animals as toys.


Lead Penguin says: "When the Mother ship arrives, you humans are so screwed!"