Watch Beyoncé Explain Why She’s a Fierce Feminist

"My message behind this album was finding the beauty in imperfection."

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Beyoncé’s surprise album, released with a bang last week, is her sexiest and most powerful yet. It’s also the most feminist. In the above clip, Queen Bey explains how she turns failure into motivation, what’s important to her and why she’s a feminist.


On the way to work this morning I excitedly began watching Beyonce's latest video album. Sitting on the New York City subway as I did so. I must note that I rarely write/ post anything online, only when I can't shake a reaction.

For years I have admired Beyonce, she is strong and sexy but manages to retain a classiness rarely exhibited in today's music business. On that note, I was shocked as the album unfolded. Most of the videos and songs, save ones such a "Haunted" and "Mine" were nothing short of soft porn. I received disturbed looks from people on the subway, one guy even crossed to the other side of the train.
As a 23 year old woman, it is difficult to balance today's expectations of women. I want to try to maintain a projection of strength and intelligence with a touch of feminine sensuality, which is what I thought Beyonce represented. Not only was I furious at the multitude of thongs and overly sexualized women (that could never pass as tasteful) but then in the song "***Flawless" Beyonce has the audacity to belt out feminism. She sings: "we teach girls that they cannot be sexual beings in the way that boys are". While I agree with that, you don't see Kanye West and Jay z hyper-sexualized in their videos. I do not intend to stop listening to her songs, but Beyonce should be dethroned as queen of modern feminism.