Here Is an Adorable Compilation of Kids Reacting to Opening Christmas Presents

What's better than being a kid on Christmas morning?

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Kids usually aren’t very good at faking it when they don’t like a present. That’s why it’s even more meaningful to watch them (struggle to) express genuine excitement and delight after ripping open the wrapping paper on Christmas morning. From jubilant exclamations — “Santa knowed what I wanted for Christmas!” — to earsplitting shrieks, here are some of our favorite reactions.

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shocking reaction 00:40 sec ,the kids that react likewise have surely problems.....and will have more during their lifetime..bringing up kids idolising consumer goods.

A reaction of this kind ,shows proportional preference by far of the "things" rather than anything else.(judging by what i see,and comparing it to a normal every day reaction of a kid receiving a cuddle or a hug by their parents........yes the should be happy receiving gifts and especially toys at this age,i am not saying they shouldbnt react this way..i am saying that as adults we need to watch carefully,rather than just repost this video for a laugh.....but then again ,i am not a parent so i wouldnt know...