Even Muggers Don’t Think Flip Phones Are Worth a Dime

'What the f--k is this?'

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Beggars can’t be choosers, but apparently robbers can.

When a mugger held up 25-year-old Kevin Cook in New York City’s Central Park this weekend, he was so disappointed by Cook’s outdated cell phone that he simply rejected it, the New York Post reports.

“Once he saw my phone, he looked at it like, ‘What the f–k is this?’ and gave it back to me,” the Brooklyn resident said.

The mugger and his accomplice both fled before police could apprehend them. Cook said the whole situation was “kind of humorous” — besides, you know, the fact that the would-be thief had a gun.

Perhaps if the altercation had occurred in Brooklyn rather than Manhattan, the mugger would have wanted the phone for its vintage appeal. Or just to use it ironically.

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This one is worth sharing, and dates back to the 1960s. An Indian student was demanded all the money he had by a NY mugger. He handed over the 5 dollars he had - the only cash he managed to get every day (evening, rather) for washing dishes in a local diner. All else was paid up by the scholarships, etc., and this money would be spent on the next day's meals. The mugger refused to believe him, and demanded to see what he had in his room. The student showed him - other than the mattress that served as his bed, a cupboard with a few clothes, the room was stacked with books, and that's all. The mugger took one look, said something like, "Your poor ****," and handed the student 20 dollars before leaving!


If someone mugged me looking for a cellphone, they wouldn't even get a flip phone!