Coming Soon to Ruin Your Midafternoon Vending Machine Snack: Calorie Counts

About 5 million machines will have to offer calorie counts of snacks beginning in 2014.

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Vending machines across the U.S. will soon join the ranks of restaurants destroying the illusion that your favorite snack is not that bad for you by offering calorie count information to consumers. Starting in 2014, about 5 million machines across the country will provide calorie counts of their snacks under new labeling guidelines outlined in the Affordable Care Act. According to the Food and Drug Administration, the labeling requirements will help consumers make healthier snack choices, CBS News reports.

An estimated 5 million vending machines provided by over 10,000 companies will have to comply with the new rules, which are expected to cost the vending machine industry $25.8 million in the first year and $24 million every year following.

Vending machine companies have a year to update their products with calorie count information. Under the Affordable Care Act, chain restaurants with 20 or more locations will also be required to provide the information. According to the FDA, if .02% of obese adults cut their weekly caloric intake by 100 the savings of the health care industry would equal the cost of the changes to vending machines.

Poor Famous Amos.

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and educating consumers - or allowing consumers to educate themselves (or not) is a problem because?  

Allowing people to be educated on what they eat is a good idea.  Those who care will look, those who don't care - don't have to look.  To go one step further, however, calories are not really enough.  People need to be able to see the # of portions, the ingredient lists, and the fat grams, sodium grams, and nutrient breakdowns.  If someone is gluten free, nut allergic, or on restricted sodium - they should be able to know what they are selecting BEFORE they buy.

Say what you will - but vending is an 8 BILLION dollar industry.  Lets let it advance along with other industries that are assisting individuals and corporations in wellness.

There are new devices, such as VendScreen, that show full nutrient panels on a touchscreen that is a retrofit on to a standard vending machine.  It also adds cashless technology.  Win-win for everyone.


There never would have been a need for a law if companies just did it to begin with. They had to know that it would happen eventually. 

The real problem is that the people who need it the most aren't capable of figuring out that if something is covered in salt, sugar or fat  there will a lot of empty calories and they don't need it. And this law does can't make people care about their health. 


So Obama-care is also in the calorie counting business? Please can Obama-care leave our vending machines alone. I also hear that Obama-care is going to socialize vending machines.  Let me know when that happens and I will relocate to Mars with Newt Gingrich.