Men, If This Data Proves Women Hate Emoticons, Will You Finally Stop Sending Them?

Is the end of smiley faces near?

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Gentlemen, the scientific brain trust known as Zoosk — an online dating site — has some statistical data that will turn your text message emoticon’s smile into a frown. Maybe even a frown with a tearful asterisk, depending on the level of your emoji attachment.

It turns out that men who insert this little guy “:)” in their dating profiles or messages don’t get a good response from the ladies (on a personal note, I’ve heard some women say that the only thing they look forward to less than a smiley or, God forbid, winky face is an unsolicited picture of a dude’s junk… but that’s another story).

After studying a sample of 4,000 members, Zoosk found that men with a “:)” in their profile get 6% less incoming messages and 12% fewer responses to outgoing messages. Using a “:)” in an actual message decreased response rates by a whopping 66%.

Men, on the other hand, love a good emoticon. So much so that women with a “:)” in their profile get 60% more messages. So for guys looking for some kind of way, any way, that still allows them to express their emotions through a collage of punctuation, you’re in luck. Zoosk found that using the slightly longer “:-)” emoticon in a message actually increases responses by 13%.  Because, ya know, taking the time to find that extra dash really shows he cares.


The headline is misleading. The study deals with dating profiles, not with messages between people who know each other. The 'sending' part does not apply. Bad article.


That's a very weird finding to me. In my experience -- in fact, everywhere I look -- it's women (by far) who love using emoticons/emojis. Certainly much more than guys. 

Maybe it's just the people that do online dating...


Bad Analogies - Seriously time should relook at the way it picks up Semi Scientific adventures like these and publishes them.