Twitter Users Are So Vain They Probably Think This Post Is About Them (It Is)

Tell me something I don't know.

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According to a new scientific study, people who tweet a lot tend to be epic narcissists. #Shocker

Researchers led by Shaun Davenport of High Point University conducted surveys with 515 college undergrads and 669 adults (averaging at 32 years old). Participants were asked to fill out the 40-item Narcissistic Personality Inventory and indicate how often they tweeted or updated Facebook statuses.

According to the study, “narcissistic college students prefer to post content on Twitter, while narcissistic adults prefer to post content on Facebook.”

It makes sense that there isn’t a link between college students’ sense of self importance and Facebook posts. They virtually came of age on the social media platform, “just as previous generations might have used a telephone.” Adults who have recently learned the medium, however, are more intentional with their status updates.

People who tweet a lot, on the other hand, had pretty big egos in spite of their age.

Kanye West was not available for comment.

[Pacific Standard]


"Kanye West was not available for comment." Made me laugh my lungs out!


There isn't any information about how the research was done, besides a test on Narcisstic Personality Disorder. (Aren't there other mental illnesses that have narcisstic tendencies, but aren't full blown narcisism?).

Did the researchers consider other reasons for posting, like loneliness, an inability to get out and about (disability), extroversion, or a particular interests that are "liked" that drew these people to "social media' outlets, and wouldn't it be important what was posted? So, motivations, personality, limitations, interests, and goals in sharing posts are also informative. Many might want to be informed and use "social media" to inform others, too.

 Most humans have a sense of self importance in the West, as we value individual life. Therefore, individual expression is very "American" and the outlet of that expression is"social media". I don't think there is anything damaging about "social media" except if it interferes with personal affairs, and/or day to day life.


@HotToddy  There's no information on it because this amounts to a blog post about a science journal publication, which is generally copyrighted. Blame the lazy author for not bothering to click through the link on the actual news article and read the publication before posting about it.