NewsFeed’s 2014 Golden Globes Drinking Game

Get ready to take a shot if Jennifer Lawrence trips

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Paul Drinkwater / NBCUniversal / Getty Images

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel International Ballroom on January 13, 2013.

At last, the Golden Globes are back, with comedic dream team Amy Poehler and Tina Fey hosting for the second year in a row. A less stuffy precursor to the Oscars, the awards show is known best for its irreverent jokes and, of course, its bountiful booze. The Saturday Night Live veterans, who killed it as hosts last year, crafted a drinking game for viewers at home to play. This time around, we’ve created our own version. So grab some booze, some pop culture-crazed friends and tune in Sunday, Jan. 12. at 8 p.m. EST to play our Golden Globes drinking game.

Take a sip of your drink:

Any time Tina and Amy high five.

Any time anyone mocks the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Any time the camera cuts to someone face-palming.

Any time anyone references the hairstyles in American Hustle.

Any time Amy giggles.

Any time anyone cries during their speech.

Any time anyone says 12 Years a Slave was magnificent but you don’t believe they actually watched the film.

Take a shot:

If Jennifer Lawrence trips.

Any time you see celebrities taking selfies together.

Any time anyone mentions the diversity on Orange is the New Black.

If Tina or Amy attempt British accents while talking about Downton Abbey.

If Woody Allen shows up.

If Woody Allen shows up and says Ronan Farrow’s real father is Jonah Hill.

If Breaking Bad wins an award.

If Breaking Bad wins an award and Aaron Paul grabs his head like this.

Chug the remainder of your drink:

If Jennifer Lawrence trips and then tries to get up and trips again.

Chug the remainder of your drink then go to the store and buy a bottle of tequila and drink it all:

If Jennifer Lawrence trips and then tries to get up and trips again and then takes a selfie on the ground.


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Wow.  Tough audience here.

Personally, I accepted the article for what it was intended to be....  a funny, light-hearted bit of whimsy with a smidge of mild satire thrown in.  It hardly glorifies binge drinking.  Clever stuff, Samantha.  It gave me a few chuckles.  Thanks!


While it's understood that Samantha Grossman (the article's writer) graduated from Northwestern. it's not altogether clear why she feels that drinking game-based articles are appropriate in a professional publication.  I feel like this article could have been the "House Rules" (a term I'm sure Ms. Grossman has heard before) to one of our Friday night drinking games.

Unfortunately, Ms. Grossman either forgets her audience, or is trying to cater to those readers who appreciate references to drinking games in articles.  Either way, writings like this one cheapen TIME's brand, and give off the impression of appealing to the lowest common denominator.

TIME Magazine's revenues, readership, and relevancy have suffered steep declines in recent years, and articles like this one are clear exhibits of both why that has happened and is still happening.


Kudos for the most obtuse thing I have read all week. Outrage! Moral corruption! Welcome to the world of human beings, and thanks for the laugh.



First, thanks for your reply.  Just a couple of comments:

1) rebloss14 and me are not the same person.

2) Your reply completely misses the point of my comment.  Ms. Grossman's article is sophomoric in both theme and content, and her writing really belongs in a college publication - not a nationwide publication like TIME Magazine.  For me to write that is neither an expression of outrage or any notion of moral corruption.  

3) Being human, I'm aware that human beings have different thoughts and opinions.  My opinion on Ms. Grossman is that she should hold herself to a higher journalistic standard, and that TIME should go back to doing the same.  You appear to have a higher tolerance for second-rate journalism/satire, and will therefore have a different opinion than me.  


omg you actually made me feel bad for trolling you. maybe a little oral copulation to happy things up?


Why don't we just forget about the show and watch Amy and Tina make out for an hour? 


Shame on TIME magazine for endorsing Ms. Grossman's article advocating a drinking game.  There are much better things to write about than posting a drinking game and poking fun at Jennifer Lawrence.  Ms. Grossman reportedly graduated from Northwestern but apparently still wants to play drinking games.  TIME magazine better alert the lawyers for advocating this article and irresponsible drinking.  This was a bad idea and irresponsible for Ms. Grossman to report and TIME  to publish.  I always thought you were better than that.    This was wrong on so many levels.  Don't drink and drive.


same voice as mrbomb13. same person i wager. good gravy, is this a hobby? Maybe you are hitting bottom with sobriety. Time to get out of the house.