WATCH: Members of Congress Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

What a humbling exercise.

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The DC office of NowThisNews, a news video website, asked members of Congress to do dramatic readings of mean tweets about themselves, inspired by a regular sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live that does this routine with entertainers. Twitter digs compare Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) to an “old pair of shoes” and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) to “Satan incarnate.”

Our favorite line is in the second video, when Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) reads one that says, “your ignorance is overshadowed only by your naivete. #LMAO” and then jokes that “LMAO” (Internet slang for “Laughing My A** Off”) must stand for “Legislators Making America Outstanding.” Great spin!


Here, put this in a Tweet - Obama is the most vile, evil, loathsome, insidious, racist, feckless, petulant, nefarious, narcissistic, arrogant, despicable, delusional, detestable, anti US Constitution, anti-military, pathological lying, integrity stricken, morally corrupt, divisive, destructive sociopath to have ever soiled OUR Oval Office.