Mystery Photo Found In Stray Dog’s Collar Baffles County

An old, wrinkled photo of what appears to be a military man has everyone searching for answers.

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A stray dog and a South Carolina animal shelter have become embroiled in a mystery after an aged black and white photo was found inside the animal’s collar.

CNN reports that animal control officers found a tan pit bull wandering the streets last December with a surprising secret. The canine had no microchip, or any identification of any kind, but when authorities checked his collar they found an ancient-looking photo of what appears to be a military man sitting on a railing and smiling into the camera.

The picture has baffled members of the Greenville County Animal Care staff, who have named their new charge “Soldier” after the subject of the photo. According to Susan Bufano, community relations coordinator for the shelter, no one has any idea who the pictured man is, or why it was placed on the dog.

“It’s so bizarre,” said Bufano. “Absolutely anything is possible.”

The details of Soldier’s collar make the stray’s story even stranger. The neck piece appears to be new, suggesting that the photo was added recently, and its design is different than most collars shelter workers have previously seen.

“It’s a really wide collar, canvas, and it’s got an opening,” Bufano told ABC News. “I can’t imagine this photo made it in there on accident.”

After Animal Care posted both a photo of the dog and mystery picture on their Facebook page, users raced to speculate on the nature of the shot. Many have suggested that Soldier may have belonged to homeless veteran who somehow lost possession of the animal.

While Soldier’s photo has gained widespread attention, the dog itself is in need of help. The 2-year old pit bull must soon be adopted, and may face euthanasia if an owner is not found. Animal Care states he is healthy and heartworm free.


Instead of everyone "searching for answers"  WHY isn't someone trying to find this beautiful dog a forever home!   People, this dog's life is at stake and the picture is getting all the attention. Seriously-the shelter where Soldier is should be trying to find a foster home or no-kill shelter for him, there's NO reason to kill this dog, he hasn't done anything to deserve that.


I'm going to Sherlock this one and say the dog's elderly owner thought the it's behavior and nature reminded them of the person in the photo, so they named them after the soldier and placed the photo in it's collar to strengthen the connection. They may believe the dog is a reincarnation of the soldier, has the same temperament or just likes to play the same games but it brings them comfort to think of the dog as being the person in the photo.

They're very likely quite elderly because of the age of the photo. Their relationship could be brother-in-arms but is more likely parent-and-child. They're good with their hands or less likely very close with someone good with their hands who custom made the collar for them, and their age means that they're not a follower of social media so they're never going to find the dog through Twitter and Facebook appeals.

I hope the dog is reunited with it's owner. I hate the thought of an elderly person losing their friend!


He is a beautiful dog. Please some one give him a home. I would but I already have 3 dogs and can't afford any more.


with all the dog rescues out there, I can't believe they would let him be put down...someone will step in to help him and figure out the mystery....fingers crossed