Americans Read Facebook More than the Bible On a Daily Basis

Knowing how that kid who sat next to you in high school Spanish felt about the Breaking Bad finale is clearly more interesting than scripture

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Let’s celebrate Facebook’s 10th birthday with a fun fact. Ready? Here it is: in America, more people now check Facebook than read the Bible on a daily basis.

Facebook says it hasĀ 757 million daily active users worldwide, the Associated Press reports. Of those, 19 percent are from the United States or Canada, so that’s 143 million daily users across North America. And according to the latest polling numbers, there are about 40 million U.S. adults reading the Bible each day. Even those of us with poor math skills know that 40 million is a much smaller number than 143 million.

Of course, there are probably plenty of people who read both Facebook AND the Bible each day, and those people are probably the ones sharing biblical quotes in your newsfeed all the time.