Dog Days of Winter: Sochi’s Unwanted Strays Prepare for the Olympic Games

As Olympic madness descends on the Sochi, a glimpse at the city's controversial canines

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When Sochi officials hired a company to cull hundreds of the stray dogs that have longed roamed the city’s streets, a shelter backed by a Russian billionaire fought back in a last-ditch attempt to save some of our “best friends.” Here, a look at some of the survivors meandering through Olympic Park, just as the Games get underway.

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I'm sorry you are upset. But this is just an advertisement. Defenders of animals that live in Sochi tell the real truth :

Maria Сутырина
Guys, in connection with the officially announced the opening of a new public shelter went the day before yesterday and today on Baranivka. I can tell how things are with his narrow-minded glance, neither the facts nor figures do not know speak as is and what I saw with his own eyes. 
First things first, long-running requests animal welfare activists, the day before yesterday officially opened a government-run shelter for homeless animals on 100 places. As we've all seen the reports shelter was publicly handed over to the mayor of the city under the management of the society of invalids "Добромир" and in particular the Director General Скнариной Lyudmila Альбертовны and Director of the orphanage Anna Yurievna Вичкаевой.
The day before my eyes in a new shelter brought the first 15 dogs. Brought them to all of us notorious organization of catching/shooting dogs "Basia" on the order personally Sochi city administration. Now, to officially open the shelter was not a SINGLE employee! Dogs and puppies left in cages without food and water in appalling conditions: small thing booth in the midst of mud and puddles in the cold, no bowls for food and water are not set, then covered it all rusty net and the case is ready.
I thought, well I guess this is a temporary phenomenon, maybe will come in the evening staff and fed the dogs, once officially declared opening of the entire Sochi. Nothing of the kind!! workers at the shelter and NO! To date, two single employee - heads shelter Ms. Вичкаева and Ms. Скнарина dogs and not fed and not gave! If not сострадальцы, which placed the bowl of food and water, the dog would have died of thirst and hunger (by the way one puppy died yesterday, save no time..) And what to say about the first serum, vaccination and sterilization, relying for animals introduced to the shelter?!
Today сьездила back and watch the picture of Anna Yurievna Вичкаева quietly sits on a hill rests. Going down to see the enclosure "Добромира" on the state of the dogs, we found that all is in the same state, the booths will not insulated, the bare ground without pallets and dust, dirt, and of course none of the dogs still no water nor food. Even at 8 puppies!! Why don't feed the dogs, Anna is responsible that there is no money for food, water apparently too expensive to pour!
And what will happen when this shelter will be delivered 100 promised dogs?! as the employees are going to cope with such number, if they even have hard to feed 15 dogs!? As said employee Basia - "well, next week we will proceed from here corpses"!!!
Actually what all this is: Guys, a shelter run by people completely indifferent to the problems and the lives of animals. What is the purpose of assuming leadership shelter if a person is too lazy to put a bowl of water to the dogs? I do not know what they were guided but not love for the animals! Beware financially support such a refuge! help risks not reach the dogs!! 
Pictures enclose some

With Respect.
Andrey Тимесков


Leave the dogs alone. Share some snacks with them and they will go on their way.


There are stray dogs all over Moscow commonly around underground stations and they also ride the rails.  Most look healthy and cared for and they trot around not bothering anybody and nobody bothering them.  If the Russians didn't care for them or were bothered by them, they would not exist that you can be sure of.