New ‘Entrepreneur Barbie’ Proves That the Perfect Work/Life Balance Is Just a Tiny Tablet Away

An entrepreneur of what, exactly?

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Mattel’s newest Barbie is an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur of what, exactly? Who knows, but check out her cute little iPad!

After pursuing over 150 careers, Mattel announced at Toy Fair this week that Barbie would be starting her own company. The mystery-startup-running go-getter is dressed in a neon-pink dress with black heels and a black belt, and comes with her own smartphone and tablet.

Much like many real life entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur Barbie seems to have little idea of what her company actually does. Given the current climate for women at startups, perhaps next Mattel can craft “Silently Enduring Sexual Harassment With the Hope I Will Get a Raise” Barbie; “Making Less Than My Male Counterparts” Barbie; “Getting Turned Down by Investors Because I’m Pregnant” Barbie; or “I’m Going to Die Eating This Sad Salad at My Desk Alone” Barbie.

At least Mattel is attempting to empower women to get into business, we suppose–even if it’s not clear exactly what that business is.

“We always try to make career Barbie a reflection of the times,” Mattel spokeswoman Michelle Chidoni told CNNMoney. “Women entrepreneurs are more prevalent now and they’re growing in number. [It’s] a great way to encourage girls to also learn about this role.”

We eagerly await the inevitable tiny copy of Lean In you can purchase to stick under Entrepreneur Barbie’s arm.


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Wow, such a hateful article! Maybe they should make a Barbie in honor of the author- "I'm Stuck At My Lame Desk Job Making Minimum Wage For Life Because My Articles Suck" Barbie!


Mattel needs to make a Barbie cancer doll with no hair donate the proceeds to child Cancer Research,there has to be plenty of little girls in treatment that would love a Barbie doll that's in the same situation and can share the stories with


I agree with Synnovatia 100%. Also, if a child is playing with this toy, and Barbie hasn't been assigned to a particular company, they have the creative freedom to make one up. I would actually prefer it this way, because if Mattel chooses a company for her, I'm pretty sure it would be something very stereotypically "girlie" like a fashion magazine or a clothing line. I'd much prefer for my daughter to pick a real estate company or even a restaurant.

In addition, if Entrepreneur Barbie (or a real person) was going to a bank to request funds to start her new company dressed like that, she would either get laughed at or sexually harassed. What's wrong with a nice business suit? With the attire of young girls maturing at a stellar pace, it would be nice for Mattel to at least teach little girls about dressing professionally for a serious career (i.e. attorney, accountant,) instead of putting a neon pink dress on her that looks like she is ready for happy hour. 

I personally would not buy this for my daughter.


Oh there is so much that is right and wrong with this article, I don't know where to begin!

Let's start with the good news - Barbie is an entrepreneur and we welcome her with open arms to the exciting world of business ownership! 

Now for the rest of the news - 

#1 - I was stunned by the statement made to CNN from Michelle Chidoni that "we always try to make career Barbie a reflection of the times". Since 1997, women-owned businesses have been growing at a rate 1.5 times greater than the national average. (Way to catch up with what's happening in the world of female business ownership.) 

#2 - You didn't mean to say this, did you, Jessica? "Much like many real life entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur Barbie seems to have little idea of what her company actually does." I'd be happy to introduce you to the throngs of entrepreneurs who know exactly what their company does. And, I suspect Barbie will be as brilliant and successful an entrepreneur as the millions of female entrepreneurs building successful enterprises.