Me-wow! London Is Getting Its Very Own Cat Café

They're a global phenomenon.

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Time to break out that catnip you were saving for a special occasion. Saturday marks the opening of London’s first-ever kitty café, appropriately called Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, where patrons can sip drinks and mingle with resident felines. The venue was made possible via crowd funding on IndieGogo after cat café enthusiasts donated approximately $182,000.

Cat cafés, which originated in Japan, are getting more international attention. A café in Paris that allows customers to pet cats while drinking coffee has a month-long waiting list, and Spain’s Gatoteca recently hosted an International Cat Day event. And San Francisco may welcome the first U.S. cat café, assuming KitTea can work around local health codes.

Either way, though, we’re sure the cats of Lady Dinah’s are thrilled about the extra exposure.

Or not.


I keep hearing people moan about this place - hygeine fears and accusations of animal cruelty mainly - but as long as the animals are happy and well looked after I really don't see what the harm is. Lady Dinah's is going to bring a lot of joy (and fun) to a lot of people's lives. And anyone who doesn't want to risk a sprinkling of cat fur on their cream cake frankly shouldn't bother going. I'll be heading there tonight, and I can't wait! (I'll be blogging all about it tomorrow on my website -