Creator of Helvetica Font Passes Away

The popular font was just one of more than a thousand he created

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Mike Parker, 85, passed away this Sunday. You may not recognize his name, but he’s the brainchild behind one of the most widely used font ever: Helvetica. American Airlines, Staples, Skype, Microsoft, Toyota are just some of the big names using the storied font.

There’s also a documentary about the legendary font and its “godfather.” This is what Parker said during a 2007 interview on designing fonts:

When you talk about the design of Haas Neue Grotesk or Helvetic, what it’s all about is the interrelationship of the negative shape, the figure-ground relationship, the shapes between characters and within characters, with the black, if you like, with the inked surface… I mean you can’t imagine anything moving; it is so firm. It is not a letter that bent to shape; it’s a letter that lives in a powerful matrix of surrounding space. It’s… oh, it’s brilliant when it’s done well.

Parker’s accomplishments didn’t end at Helvetica. He was responsible for more than¬†1,100 fonts during his lifetime and was hailed as a legendary designer and typographer.


Parker was responsible for popularising Helvetica as a Linotype... he's not the creator.  Max Miedinger with Eduard Hoffmann created the Helvetica.


Seems odd that the article is written in a Times Roman style font instead of sans-serif Helvetica.