Tim Newcomb

Tim Newcomb is a journalist based in the Pacific Northwest covering sports design and technology, culture, infrastructure and entertainment. He writes for Sports Illustrated, Popular Mechanics, Wired, Tennis and more. You can follow him on Twitter at @tdnewcomb.

Articles from Contributor

QUOTE: Blimp Pilot Saves Lives

“When there was trouble on the airship he brought it down to as low as he could to let the passengers jump out and he stayed at the controls.”

— LYNDY NERANDZIC, wife of Australian blimp pilot Michael Nerandzic who saved three …

QUOTE: FIFA Bans Headscarves, Iran Protests

“These are the dictators and colonialists who want to impose their lifestyle on others.”

— MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD, president of Iran, speaking out against a FIFA ban on headscarves that led the Iranian women’s soccer team to …

Stanley Cup Finals, Game 1: One Bite, One Goal

For two teams with little history together, the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins sure looked like bitter rivals Wednesday in Game 1 of the NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals. They had the pushing, shoving and biting—yeah, grown men …

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