New Study: Teens Should Teach Boomers About Safe Sex

A new study of sexual behavior in the U.S. — the largest nationally representative study ever — has shed light on what Americans really get up to behind closed doors. Among the revelations: The finding that teens were much …

Weekend Wrap-Up: What You Missed on Your Days Off

While you were sleeping late, enjoying leisurely brunches and going for relaxing strolls in the park, NewsFeed was working. And while you may have had a refreshing few days off (note: NewsFeed is not bitter), you likely missed …

Men Are Looking for Women with Nice… Arms?

Ladies, have you ever agonized over what exactly it is men are looking for in a woman? Right, neither have we. But if you have, the time to agonize is over; men are most attracted to women with great arms.

Report: U.S. Marriages are Down…Way Down

If you were thinking of tying the knot, jumping the broom, getting hitched, make her/him honest, or clubbing someone over the head, thanks to the sluggish economy of the past two years, you may well be one of the few making such plans.

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