An Introduction to NewsFeed

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Welcome to NewsFeed, a new website by the writers and editors at TIME Magazine.

Whether it’s in the news or on Twitter, YouTube or Google, there’s a wealth of information being created, searched and shared every minute. Newsfeed is your in-the-moment guide to what matters most.¬†We’re not here to break news. Instead, NewsFeed puts breaking news and trends into perspective, telling you what it means, why its important and why people are talking about it. And we’ll always make it smart, snappy and easy to share with your friends.

We’re also your guide to the weirdness of the viral Web. Confused about why Justin Bieber is a trending topic on Twitter every single day? We’ll let you know. Not sure what it means to get Rickrolled? We’re, um, never going to let you down.

We’re also interested in what you have to say. There’s comments on every article, and our writers will join in the conversation. Think we’re missing something awesome? There’s a tip form on the right side of every page, so you can let us know.