Academy Award Hopefuls Want No Rest for Betty White

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Betty White

Chelsea Lauren / WireImage

The woman is 88, people. But after one of the most well reviewed Saturday Night Live episodes in recent history, people want more Betty White.

A new Facebook group, Getting Betty White to Host the Academy Awards, already had more than 8,500 members in the wake of White’s SNL hosting gig on Saturday. White’s appearance on SNL was due in large part to another Facebook group that more than 500,000 people joined after White’s muddy Super Bowl advertisement for Snickers. Lorne Michaels took notice and scheduled White, accompanied by a slew of female SNL veterans, to host the May 8 episode.

Despite some speculation that the rigors of hosting might prove too much for the octogenarian, White appeared in nearly every sketch of the evening. No response yet on whether she’s game for the rigors of hosting the Oscar telecast, a three hour and 37 minute feat of endurance for (much younger) Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin in 2010.