Firefox 4: Mozilla Wants a More Private Browser

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The Firefox logo

Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images

When it comes to Internet surfing, there’s the need for speed. In its latest release, Mozilla thinks users want privacy, too.

Firefox 4 is the company’s answer. Mozilla unveiled plans for its revamped platform on Wednesday, citing three prongs to a better browsing experience: speed, power and privacy.

But to achieve that new platform, Firefox may have to do so without one of its top guns. AllThingsD is reporting that CEO John Lilly is set to jump ship to Greylock.

In a note to Mozilla employees released on Mashable, Lilly stated that he plans to stay through the company’s transition to its next leader, ensuring a strong future.

As the new chess pieces are configured, what is known is the full plans for the new browser, which can be seen here.