On the Today Show, Tonya Craft Mulls Life After Acquittal

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Former Georgia kindergarten teacher Tonya Craft appeared on the Today Show on Wednesday, just a day after she was acquitted on 22 separate molestation charges.

Craft, 37, was accused of molesting three five- and six-year-old girls (one of whom is her daughter) in her home between 2005 and 2007. She had been imprisoned since her arrest in June 2008, but was freed yesterday after a jury found her innocent on all counts.

“There’s nobody that wins in this situation. My whole heart has been taken, and I got half of it back,” Craft said.

The morning show appearance was the start of a media blitz for Craft, who will appear on CNN’s Larry King Live tonight. She says she plans to work on raising awareness on how children can be led to make false claims of abuse.