Chris Daughtry’s Big Return to American Idol

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American Idol was down its final four this week. On the elimination show Wednesday night, they brought back one of the show’s veterans to mark the occasion.

Chris Daughtry is an also-ran himself, finishing fourth in American Idol’s fifth season, back in 2006. But not getting the crown has hardly held him back. He returned to American Idol on Wednesday with his band, performing their latest single, “September.” (Video above)

Daughtry’s performance can be a consolation to Michael Lynche, who was eliminated in fourth place at the end of the show last night. But Lynche will be hard-pressed to match Daughtry’s success: Daughtry’s album, “Leave This Town,” has already sold more than a million copies and had a brief run as the #1 album in America after its release in July 2009.