Field of Dreams Up For Sale

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Annie Griffiths Belt / Corbis

Tourists playing baseball at the Field of Dreams

In an era muddled by a strong wind of foreclosures, can one iconic Iowa baseball field net its seven-figure asking price?

For more than a century, Don Lansing’s family owned the land housing Universal Studios’ 1989 box office classic, “Field of Dreams.” Thousands of visitors flocked to Dyersville, Iowa every year for a chance to set foot on the not-so-Hollywood setting.

The AP reports that despite their love for the land, Lansing and his wife are selling the baseball diamond for a whopping $5.4 million.

Well, maybe not so whopping considering the modern day salaries standing on Major League Baseball’s fields of dreams. For capable buyers, KCRG-9, the ABC affiliate in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, breaks down what the deal includes beyond the field.

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