Greyson Michael Chance Makes It From YouTube to Ellen

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Congrats, Greyson Michael Carter. Ellen Degeneres has made you this week’s breakout Internet star.

The sixth grader’s pianofied cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” turned heads earlier this week, mainly for the Bieber-like effect 12-year-old Greyson had on the girls in the audience. But lost in the video’s spread was the fact that the kid really can carry a tune.

But the producers for Ellen noticed, and flew Carter out to meet the talk-show host. Despite the fact that it was Carter’s first time on TV (and also his first time on a plane), the kid’s not bad in front of the camera. “I’m still taking it in, its just amazing,” he said. And as for the girls? “Let’s just say I’ve gotten a few numbers and made a few friends.”

Greyson’s original video has now been seen more than 8 million times. But his biggest new fan? Lady Gaga. Ellen connected Greyson and his muse as part of his appearance on the show.