Facebook Group’s Animal Testing Alternative: Pedophiles in Prison

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A Facebook group has a strange idea: “Why test on animals when we have pedofiles in prison?” Um.

Spelling error aside – it’s “pedophile” – this is the proposal made by a new Facebook page, a page that has more than one million “Likes” just three weeks after its launch.

While Facebook is no stranger to fanatical movements, (“Can This Onion Ring Get More Fans Than Justin Bieber,” anyone?) usually pages ignite in jest. But, when controversy melds with public opinion, should we worry about a virtual mob scene?

Last month, an Osama Bin Laden account was shut down after attracting more than 1,000 fans and posting radical Islamic speeches. In 2009 another page was deleted after asking if President Obama should be killed. Though reason to take action against Facebook campaigns might be indubitable in these cases, when does a controversial question turned venomous public opinion go too far?

Comments left on the pedophiles testing page so far read:

“At least testing on pedaphiles would make it more reasonable to feed them.” and “Any rational society would either destroy or put them to good use.”

What should we make of seemingly harmless web crusades? Free speech or hate campaigns? (via Reddit)