Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: First Question Failures

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Whether its the bright lights, the zooming TV cameras, or just Meredith Vieira, a select club of Millionaire contestants find the hot seat to be too hot.

The first question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is always supposed to be a gimme. But a few contestants get caught up in the game show and offer their “final answer” too fast. The website I Can Has Internets has a tremendous collection of some of the best first-question mishaps.

Usually the contestants realize their mistake almost immediately, and there’s a brief heartbreaking (yet hilarious) moment between giving Meredith their final answer and getting the boot from the show. But some people don’t catch their error, even when told they’re wrong. When informed that Lenin’s Tomb uses embalming fluid – a piece of upkeep not needed for the giant rocks at Stonehenge – this woman exclaims, “Of all places!”


Even worse than walking away with $0: knowing these videos live on forever online.

(via I Can Has Internets)