Wall Street 2: In Which Gordon Gekko Sheds A Tear

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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Greed is good, and it looks like bailouts are forever. But what happens when the gekko grows a heart?

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps premiered just last night in France, and already critics are racing to put the whole thing into a broader context. Set in 2008, just before the financial metldown, there appear to be plenty of ironic digs at the financial carnage to come – and apparently a prescient subplot involving offshore oil drilling contracts.

But the biggest revelation of all is the Grinch-like evolution of Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), into a man who has apparently learned the sting remorse. Allegedly Gekko, the king of Greed, the killer of companies, sheds a tear.

TIME’s Richard Corliss basked in the glow of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps last night (see his review), and he said it will arrive into theaters as cinema’s complicated-superficial answer to the derivative trade. And with its focus on an entrepreneur tip-toeing the fine line between business and morality, between father and son, it winds up beating Iron Man 2 at its own game.

Intrigued? Now all you have to do is wait until September 24, when the movie opens in American theaters.