Tired of Facebook and YouTube? Gink is the Answer

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If only there were a social network that allowed me to connect with my friends and post videos online…

A new video posted the Derrick Comedy troupe (a group that includes Community star Donald Glover) pokes fun at the spat of social networking sites that promise “a revolution in the way Web users interact with other users” but really are just knockoffs of Facebook. Their site, dubbed Gink, is no exception: “We took the appeal of Facebook, and added the ability to connect with friends.” Uhhhh.

Maybe my brain’s short-circuited from an inbox clogged with websites all promising the exact same thing, but Gink doesn’t sound that far out there to me. Gink has a currency on the site, dubbed goints. “Users can exchange goints with other users, and in return, they recieve quimbles.” Sure they can! Hey, it makes about as much sense as Foursquare.

And full disclosure: video has some strong language at the end.