Dale Peterson and the Best Campaign Ad Ever

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Feeling American this morning? Watch this campaign ad from Alabama’s Dale Peterson before you answer.

Peterson is running the GOP’s slot in the race for Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture. He’s been “a farmer, a businessman a cop, a Marine in Vietnam” but his true talent might be as a TV pitchman. With the aid of a rifle and a horse, Peterson call his opponent a “dummy” and rails on the “thugs and criminals” who want to “keep you in the dark.”

This is a primary race. For agriculture commissioner. In Alabama. Just keep those three things in mind.

But in the ad’s ridiculousness lies its brilliance. As TIME’s Adam Sorensen just said, would you ever watch an ad for an Alabama agriculture commission race otherwise? Peterson, as far as we’re concerned, you can name names and take no prisoners to your heart’s content. Just be sure to put footage of it on YouTube afterward. (via Political Wire)