NBC’S Fall Schedule: Bye-Bye Heroes and Hello Undercovers

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It was all about the letter ‘F’ when you analyzed NBC’s 2009 Fall schedule: Failed and Fourth place.

But the network is putting the memories of Jay Leno at 10.00p.m. (and the unseemly fallout with Conan O’Brien) behind them as they announced their new lineup.

It’s back to the old (in the sense of format) though in with new shows, especially as Heroes and Law & Order have been canceled. Monday will be drama night with Chase (co-produced by Jerry Bruckheimer) and The Event (NBC’s 24 hommage) joining Chuck. A sizable risk comes in the form of hour-long comedy Love Bites on Thursday at 10. But hopes will be understandably high for Undercovers, a drama from Lost creator J.J. Abrams.

And just to show there are no hard feelings, Outlaw on Friday nights finds Jimmy Smits playing a U.S. Supreme Court justice who quits to return to private practice . The reason there are no hard feelings? It comes from Conan’s production company. Whether you’ll be with him instead on TBS is another matter.