Deepak Chopra Gets Into the Magazine Biz…Sort Of

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Well if Oprah could do it, why not her spiritual pal and name rhyming twin, Deepak Chopra?

The “it” we mean in this case doesn’t mean having the most popular TV talk show in the history of the universe, or being the primary endorser of a future president. Nope, this time the information age-ready guru is following Oprah by releasing his own magazine, simply titled MYMAG.

The magazine will include Chopra’s personal writings and meditations, his conversations with various celebrities including Michael Jackson, who Chopra spoke with TIME about after Jackson’s death last year. The magazine, actually, is a personal tome, one of several published for celebrities like actress Olivia Munn, director Brett Ratner, and music producer Steve Aoki.

But it barely counts: the publication won’t be available on newsstands. Readers must log on to, browse the lists, and purchase one of the issues for $10, which in turn are sent through standard mail. At least its for a good cause, as proceeds go to the Chopra Foundation and the 7Bar Foundation.