White House Gatecrashers Foiled By Secret Service?

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LARRY DOWNING/Reuters/Corbis

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the White House State Dinners again, and this happens.

According the ABC,  Secret Service last night stopped a limo that ran a red light and appeared to be heading for 1600 Pennsylvania, where a little soiree for the Mexican president was underway. The occupants? None other than our old friends Michaele and Tareq Salahi, the well-groomed-but-strange couple who crashed the last State Dinner, apparently as part of their efforts to create a reality show for Bravo.

After questioning, the occupants of the car were free to go on their way. Listen guys, abide by the gate-crasher code of ethics: Don’t hit the same place twice. Try crashing somewhere they don’t know you, like Interior Ministry events. Or places where you might blend in, like…..um…actually, if you need free food, or to go to places where you’re not really wanted, then go become journalists like the rest of us.