Six Flags Losing Roller-Coaster Crown to Ferrari?

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New Jersey — prepare to say goodbye to the gold-medal position. Abu Dhabi claims it has taken over as the home of the world’s fastest roller coaster.

The New York Times reports that Ferrari is designing a new thrill ride called Formula Rossa, which is set to top out at 150 miles per hour. According to the official website of Ferrari World, the indoor theme park based in the United Arab Emirates, the launch date is set for Oct. 28, 2010.

That speed would knock Six Flags Great Adventure and Wild Safari’s Kingda Ka to second place, as the American coaster tops out at 128 miles per hour. Six Flags currently dubs Kingda Ka as “simply, the tallest, fastest roller coaster on Earth.”

For a video of the new coaster, visit the Formula Rossa’s official page.