Will Privacy Prompt 60 Percent of Facebook’s Friends to Disappear?

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Facebook's Logo on a computer screen in Brussels

REUTERS/Thierry Roge

A new poll by a U.K.-based Internet-security firm has Facebook subscribers leaning toward the dislike button.

Sophos has surveyed 1,588 participants over the past week. The $64,000 question: “Do you think you will quit Facebook over privacy concerns?”

The choices were A) I already have, B) Highly likely that I will, C) Possibly, D) I don’t think it’s likely and E) No. Of the users involved, 16 percent responded that they had already quit, while a combined 60 percent went with either highly likely or possibly.

What answer would you have picked? If you’re still unsure, read TIME’s cover story on how Facebook is redefining privacy.