Forte Says He’s Shocked MacGruber Isn’t NC-17

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From the raunchy sex scenes to that perverse exploitation of a stalk of celery, SNL’s Will Forte says he was convinced MacGruber would be slapped with an NC-17 rating.

When I talked to Will Forte a week ago about his newest comedy MacGruber, I wanted to know three main things: Where did the celery idea come from, how the heck did they get Val Kilmer to sign up for the thing, and just how drunk did the writers get in improvising all this insanity?

Well apparently Kilmer was game from the start, the celery just seemed like a natural comic device, and the key ingredient to the script wasn’t actually alcohol but sleep-deprivation. The scribes would stay up all night, all the while producing Saturday Night Live, and just search for the craziest idea that popped into their brains.

Hence that celery – stuck where the sun doesn’t shine.

Forte says he often thought that they would have to remove something from the movie – that it would be deemed too raunchy by the ratings board. But nope: It all got through. And the year’s raunchiest comedy was born. Check out our full Forte interview here.