Party Fowl: Nevada Bans Chicken Costumes Near the Polls

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Chicken suits are an illegal form of dress within 100 feet of Nevada polling places

Image Source/Corbis

One state has stepped in to ‘buck buck buck’ a recent trend surrounding the pecking order in its Senate campaign.

Republican Sue Lowden is immersed in a 12-way primary race to decide who will square off against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in November’s Midterm Elections. Several weeks ago, the AP reported on Lowden’s unique stance on health care — barter should be used by patients, in similar fashion to when “our grandparents would bring a chicken to the doctor.”

That suggestion was eaten up by Democrats, who responded with a steady stream of poultry-filled ads, a website called “Chickens for Checkups” and volunteers arriving in chicken suits at Lowden’s campaign events.

The BBC reports that the racket was enough for state election officials to make a change, as chicken suits were added to the list of banned campaign items. No more fowl play.