10 Lessons from the Sex and the City 2 Premiere

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TIME’s Belinda Luscombe attended the Sex and the City 2 premiere at Radio City Music Hall last night. Her ten (spoiler-free) takeaways from the screening.

1. Liza Minelli is no Beyonce, but she can do a pretty nifty Single Ladies dance.

2. Just because Miley Cyrus is in a movie, doesn’t mean you should take your tween daughter to see it.

3. Even when in the middle of the desert for one meal and a camel ride, it is important to have three changes of clothing, with accessories.

4. This movie could do wonders for Islamo-American relations. In some of the Abu Dhabi scenes the women behave so repulsively you’re actually on the Muslims’ side.

5. We may believe in different things and have different traditions, but fashion unites us all! At least all of us with a lot of money!!

6. There is no excuse, even in the comfort of your own home, or on sand dunes, to be wearing less than 4.5 inch heels.

7. Pringles, one of many, many products touted in the movie (Rolex must have given big) come in Arabic packaging. Who knew?

8. Nobody should ever be allowed, even in a movie, to use the phrases “Lawrence of My Labia” or “Erin Go Bra-less.”

9. At a fancy gala where 90% of the audience is female or attracted to men, you’re allowed to serve really stale popcorn.

10. This nice old lady, who won’t give her name, is the best gate-crasher ever. She gets into most Broadway openings—and some swanky movie premieres—just by putting on her best coat asking people if they have a spare ticket.