New Survey: Shoppers Want iPads, Not Netbooks

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A recent survey suggests iPads are becoming to the netbook what VHS tapes once were to the Betamax.

The survey, conducted by consumer-electronics site Retrevo and featured on PC says the iPad’s popularity is hurting sales of netbooks because Apple’s gizmo offers better portability and longer battery life, PC World said.

Retrevo says some 30% of consumers surveyed held off on purchasing a netbook when Apple announced the iPad’s release, before eventually opting for Apple. The survey also indicated consumers in the market that haven’t made a decision are leaning toward buying the iPad.

The study concluded that U.S. sales of netbooks will be “squeezed from both sides” from the iPad and from cheaper laptops. But Retrevo cautions that this doesn’t mean the market will disappear completely: some consumers will still find netbooks to be better alternatives to laptops and other mobile gadgets.