Silvia Mena Sues Redskins Star Albert Haynesworth

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Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth

Ron Sachs / Corbis - CNP

The NFL veteran’s latest offseason troubles revolve around a paternity problem with an exotic dancer.

The New York Post reports that Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Silvia Mena is suing Haynesworth for $10 million. Her claim — the Washington Redskins star left her after he was informed she was expecting a child.

Now four months into her pregnancy, Mena is filing papers to the Brooklyn Supreme Court, alleging that Haynesworth has not talked to her since late March, nor provided any money for her medical costs. The New York Post added that Haynesworth’s agent declined to comment on Mena’s claims.

The Washington Post adds that the court papers reveal a Haynesworth assistant encouraging Mena to visit an NFL doctor. But she didn’t because of fears that she would be swayed to forfeit the baby.