Teens Take Vodka Straight Up – Through Their Eyes

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Patrick Strattner/fstop/Corbis

Youth of America, sometimes you make me very, very sad (and scared for our future).

You know you’re old when you can say things like, “kids these days.” But honestly, whatever happened to the days of sneaking into your parents liquor cabinet and taking some shots the good old-fashioned way? Apparently the latest trend among teens is to take a shot of vodka, not by mouth, but by eye. That’s right: they pour vodka into their eyes in order to get drunk.

The oh-so-sophisticated drinking method is known as eyeballing and like other YouTube trends (snorting bourbon, for example) has garnered quite a following among the dumb and daring. One optometrist told the Washington Examiner that eyeballing can get “you drunk a lot faster on a lot less alcohol,” because it works much like an injection. But he cautioned against the practice (ya think?) as it can essentially melt the cornea.