Mom Convicted After Locking Son Out of Facebook

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A judge slapped an Arkansas mother with a fine for locking her 17-year-old son out of his Facebook account and ordered the woman to leave the teenager alone.

Denise New hijacked her son Lane’s Facebook account when he left it logged in on a home computer, changing his password and posting as Lane. One post cited by the judge: “Check this out — I went to my mom’s and deliberately started an argument and called the police on her. She almost went to jail. How cool is that? Ha, ha, ha.”

New was convicted on a misdemeanor harassment charge, receiving a $435 fine and mandatory parenting and anger-management classes, according to the Associated Press, as well as a 30-day suspended jail sentence to be served only if she violates provisions in her year-long probation. New is also no longer allowed to see her son, who has lived with his grandmother for the past five years. The judge said he’d consider allowing New to see Lane after the classes were complete.

But paramount to all — Lane has access to his Facebook again.