Tropical Storm Agatha Makes Landfall in Central America

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Neighbors gather near the site of a sinkhole in Guatemala City on Sunday. The hole, caused by rains from tropical storm Agatha, swallowed at least one three-story building.

REUTERS/Daniel LeClair

The storm, which unleashed a torrent of rains in Mexico and Central America, is the first named tropical storm of the season.

Agatha left 16 dead after making landfall on Saturday with winds near 45 mph, according to the Associated Press. The storm quickly weakened and dissipated, although the remaining system could still bring heavy rains to the region, creating the risk of mudslides.

Most of the dead were concentrated in or around Guatemala City, the capital of Guatemala. Mudslides in the area were responsible for at least 10 of the deaths.

Authorities told the Associated Press the death toll could rise higher. The Atlantic hurricane season officially starts June 1.