Is Quit Facebook Day a Bust?

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Maybe Facebook was started in Edward Zuckerberg's Harvard dorm.

It’s May 31. Shouldn’t you be leaving Facebook now?

Despite an uproar over privacy concerns, don’t expect many Facebook users to be jumping ship on Memorial Day, or as it’s known online, Quit Facebook Day. Some of this might have to do with the revised privacy settings Facebook rolled out across the site last week, but there was never likely going a mass exodus. Some estimates put the number of U.S. Facebook users leaving today at about 2%. Your friends list will still largely be intact in the morning.

As far as outcries rank, this isn’t even Facebook’s biggest. When the company introduced its News Feed in 2006, some 10 percent of the user base complained. While there were some loud voices in the past few weeks — loud voices that caused Facebook to make real changes — the rebellion was a small one.

The truth? Facebook is just too big — and we get too much value from it — for any of us to truly leave en masse. But as PC World reports, there is one encouraging statistic: according to a recent survey, 81 percent of people are now thinking about the types of information they’re posting to Facebook and using the service more carefully.