Watch the MTV Movie Awards or Les Grossman Will Rip Your Eyeballs Out

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To promote the June 6 broadcast of the MTV Movie Awards, the former music television network has roped in famed, fictional movie executive Les Grossman — a.k.a. Tom Cruise in pimp glasses and a fat suit, reprising his role from 2008’s Tropic Thunder — to provide some hilariously profane “behind-the-scenes” shorts.

In the videos, Grossman instructs Robert Pattinson and (yes) Tom Cruise on the finer points of stardom. (We’re serious about the profanity, tho, kids.)

Only one problem here: MTV News, or at least the rogue p.r. wing responsible for these shorts, seems to be under the impression that Grossman is a real person. Read here about how he supposedly took time out of his busy schedule to give rpatz grooming tips (“Your filthy hair … sent my fat a–kid to space camp four times”). It’s a good gag, and Cruise should probably get a whole spinoff franchise for this character, but treating him as a real person is stretching our willful suspension of disbelief pretty thin.

Which prompts a troubling thought: Does this mean MTV’s target audience knows who Les Grossman is better than they do Tom Cruise?