Will a Celebrity Stop the Oil Spill?

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REUTERS/U.S. Coast Guard

Natural disasters tend to bring out the socially-minded celebrities, but the Gulf Oil Spill has truly taken the cake in forging an unlikely A-list (or is it B-list) alliance. Just think Waterworld meets Avatar, meets Bio-Dome.

As thousands of contract workers have mobilized along the Gulf coast, ready to clean up the toxic sludge that is now making landfall on the beaches and marches, Hollywood celebs were making their voices known. Most public thus far has been Kevin Costner, who has stood by a device that separates pollutants from water – a contraption he believes could play a major role in cleaning the soiled waters of the Gulf.  The machine uses centrifugal forces to strip out the dirty particles from the water. Apparently the result is 97 percent pollutant-free water.


But in recent days even more celebs have come out of the woodwork.

There’s now James Cameron, of Avatar and Titanic and Abyss fame, who E! Online is reporting will offer up the submersibles he used to shoot Titanic, and the documentary Ghosts of the Abyss, to aid with the spill.

Even Stephen Baldwin is getting into the act, supposedly preparing to film a documentary about Costner’s machine and the race to save the fragile Gulf ecosystem.

It’s hard to tell which will have the bigger overall impact: A pollution-eating machine, a documentary that galvanizes public interest or an extra sub or two. But it’s even more difficult to guess which celeb will jump into the fray next. Perhaps a Weird Al Yankovic charity concert?