Why Pets Belong at Home, Not College

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Bob Krist/CORBIS

Hey Linus, leave the security blank.., er, dog at home.

The New York Times reports on the growing number of colleges who admit pets as well as students. Schools such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the State University of New York at Canton allow cats in some dorm rooms, while Eckerd College in South Florida and Washington & Jefferson College in Pennsylvania have special dorm rooms set aside for students with four-legged companions.

Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri has a dorm dubbed “Pet Central” that will offer 40 students and their pets a home — complete with doggie daycare — this fall. The dorm allows furry, feathered and scaled friends, but says horses will have to live at the campus stables.

Dianne Lynch, president of Stephens College, tells the Times, “It’s harder and harder for students to leave home. Bringing this particular piece of home with them may make that separation easier.”

Really? It’s harder to leave home today? Or is it just that this generation is so used to being coddled and getting what they want?

Grow up. We all had to deal with leaving home. It sucks sometimes, like when you have to start doing your own laundry. Deal with it.