Were Gary Coleman’s Last Moments Photographed for Publicity?

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The aftermath of Gary Coleman’s death is becoming more grim. As Coleman’s parents ask for answers about his death, reports are circulating that his wife, Shannon Price, has been shopping deathbed photos around to the highest bidder.

Celebrity gossip website TMZ.com says the photos, which include Price, have been sold to a tabloid for an unknown price and could be published very soon. Price’s spokesperson, however denies any such photos were taken.

“”No production company took pictures of Gary in the hospital,” Sheilia Erickson told E! Online. “Shannon would never allow that!”

Meanwhile, Coleman’s estranged parents continue to feud with Price over his remains. Willie and Sue Coleman want the body returned to his hometown of Zion, Ill., while Price wants her husband to be interred in Utah, where the two lived.